Classic Volks

Classic Volks is a brand name for the website I run.  A website for all owners, lovers and enthusiasts of the classic Volkswagen.  The best way to tell you about the website is to get you to go and have a look, then if you have any questions, post in the comment box below.  So, off you go, check it out and let me know what you think.  Check the about us page on there as that will tell you more.

Part of Classic Volks is an aircooled Volkswagen show at Escrick Park Estate in York that is held every September.  The show itself is all aircooled Volkswagens, this makes for a fantastic show and shine and plenty of aircooled VWs come out that don’t do the shows on a regular basis so it’s a great chance to see some different aircooled Volkswagens.  There is camping available for everyone who wants to come with a dedicated area within the show arena for those who are coming in an aircooled VW and would like to be a bigger part of the show.  We have some great live music, including buskers dotted around the show and trade area during the day. For more information you can find the show on the Classic Volks website with it’s own Field of Dreams pages



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