This is a blog of complete randomness!  It will cover things I am interested in, travel, classic Volkswagens, VW shows and events, languages, there will probably be some recipes and gardening articles too, who knows!

Anything I find interesting enough to write about will more than likely appear here.  I enjoy writing and hope that you find something of interest to read here.  Please feel free to get involved and comment and add your views (as long as you can do it politely).  Some things may just be galleries of places I’ve travelled, I may review a book that I’ve read and particularly liked – or disliked.

There may even be some political ramblings now and then, but I will try to keep them to a minimum as these are very personal opinions mostly, however, please still feel free to add your opinions.

I struggle daily with fibromyalgia and it varies in degrees from day-to-day, I don’t have any days completely pain-free, I have days where I can hardly walk, the pains are all over and they affect bones, muscles and tendons as well as heartburn, migraines, IBS and chronic fatigue.  I was recently tested for a vitamin D deficiency and was found to be deficient, there is only one real treatment for it – sunshine!

I’m sometimes called a bit of a hippy as I’m totally into organic foods and have what others say are hippy tendencies, this also means I’m dead against medications and try to find natural alternatives where possible, I believe that with the right foods and lifestyle we can heal naturally from most things – part of the problem is that a lot of the illnesses are caused by bad lifestyles including the foods many people eat.  I expect I will talk more on this in a blog at some point so if you’re interested, please do follow my blog.

I also have a real love of Spain, Andalucia in particular and so if you love Spain here you will find many blogs and photos from my trips over.  I don’t tend to spend my visits sat around on the beach, though I do find time for some of this too, there is so much to see that I feel a need to get out and about and drive all over the region, including the beaches of course!

Life is for living and sharing so share yours here too – if you have a blog that you feel I might be interested in, having read mine, then please let me know.  If you have an article you would like to submit here, get in touch, if I like it I would be happy to add it in – obviously crediting yourself with the writing of it.



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