Tips for travelling with your dog.

If you have a dog, you would probably like to be able to take your dog on your journeys with you – after all, they are part of the family for most of us.  We recently got a passport for Toby our Jack Russell as we realised how much we dislike leaving him behind.  We have a campervan and intend to take him across to Europe with us and travel around – I didn’t want to do that without him.

We all like to get away from it all at times and whether it’s a two week trip away or a weekend visiting friends, it often means travelling by car, it doesn’t have to mean leaving your special family member behind or in kennels, dogs can be very good car travellers.


Firstly, we would recommend leaving a good few hours after your dogs breakfast/dinner in order to be sure his or her stomach is settled – some dogs can get car sick and this is less likely if they haven’t just eaten.  Of course, this isn’t always possible, if it’s not and you need to feed your dog mid journey, try a smaller portion than normal and try to allow a thirty minute gap before continuing – if you can.

While your at it, you may need to stop for regular calls of nature, remember your dog may well need to as well.


Make sure you’re prince or princess is comfy and take one of their normal blankets, not a special one that’s just for travelling – they love familiarity. Maybe add a couple of familiar toys too? Dogs can get bored on long journeys and a couple of favourite toys can keep their mind busy and their behaviour in check – maybe not noisy toys if you are a driver who is easily distracted? 😉

Safety First!

Some prefer to have their pooch crated for journeys and some like to use special doggy seatbelt, personally I prefer the seatbelt option but either is safer for your dog than neither and will keep your dog from jumping around.  Some dogs will be calmer in a crate if it’s what they’re used to so with this one, it’s your call which you choose.

A bit of exercise!

If you’re travelling a long distance, make time to stop to stretch both your legs and your dog’s, not just for weeks and poos but also just to get a bit of fresh air and have a stretch – make sure you stop in a safe place, motorway services are usually pretty good.  Another thing to remember when you need to stretch your legs – if the sun is shining, please do not leave your dog in your car, dogs DO die in hot cars, they can’t sweat to cool down like we can and it can happen fairly quickly. If you need to stop for food, use the internet to find somewhere en route that is doggy friendly.

Overnight stops!

If your journey is such that you need to stop overnight, there are hotels and campsites that dogs are allowed, you can search online for this and find one on your route.

I hope that helps you to arrange your trip with your dog!  Thanks for reading.Malaga


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