Split Screen single cab found after 45 years!

Don’t you wish you were this lucky?  A couple were out for a Sunday drive in the foothills around the Idaho Falls area in the USA.  Driving along in their Syncro they spotted this single cab buried 2 feet down.  They later found out it had been buried there since 1967 – 45 years!

The whole process took 9 hours but the video shown here has it condensed into just 15 minutes.  Although not in the greatest condition, having been buried for so long it was fairly rust free.

We would like to see what it looks like now so if any of you know the owners please ask them to get in touch.



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  1. Rafael says:

    I think Volkswagen vans are wonderful, right now saving up lots of money to get one.
    I was able to hire one on vacation in Europe and ever since then it’s remained
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    1. VeeDubKate says:

      Totally agree, we have a 1969 beetle but would love to have a van as well – it’s the freedom it gives as well as being an icon among the vehicle world 🙂 I hope you get one one day!

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