How to get new strawberry plants from this years strawberry patch!

If you have strawberry plants in your garden then now is the time to get some new plants from them! – no seed sowing needed!

You will probably noticed that your strawberry plants have long stems shooting off all over the place – these are called runners.  On these runners you will see new shoots. These are what you will use to get a whole new strawberry patch – depending how many strawberry plants and runners you currently have.

  1. Pick the runners that look at their best so a couple of healthy looking leaves
  2. Take some small plant pots and fill with compost (one per runner)
  3. Place the part of the runner with the leaves into the compost, pressing down (you may need to use some garden staples to hold the runner in place to start with
  4. Water and leave
  5. Keep compost moist at all times
  6. Once the plants are strongly rooted you can snip of the runner and replant into prepared ground – do this with them all and there you have your new strawberry patch, ready for next year.

Strawberry plants in general only last around 3 years so by doing this, you will always have fresh strawberries in time for Wimbledon!


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