Estoy aprendiendo Espanol

I have ‘spoken’ Spanish for many years now.  Although I can understand a fair bit and sometimes reply (more likely after a glass or two of vino!), I have never done a formal qualification in Spanish.

If you have been reading this blog you will know I recently registered to do my degree in Modern Languages (French and Spanish) through the Open University.  I have now received my course materials for the first Spanish module with the French ones winging their way to me right now, hopefully!

I have started to read through the Spanish module as I want to get through this one as quickly as possible – my next Spanish module starts in February so I would ideally like to get this one as near to finished as possible before that one comes through.  I am really looking forward to being buried in books and CDs – it’s been a couple of years now since I last did any serious studying.  Looking at the materials for this module I think I should be able to get through it pretty quickly and although I think I know most of what’s in this one I am going to read it word for word in case there are bits I have missed anywhere along the way – having not actually studied for a qualification in Spanish previously there are almost certainly many parts of the grammar that I don’t yet know.

Keep reading this blog and if you are familiar with Spanish I may even – when I feel confident that my Spanish is good enough – post some blogs with a Spanish translation (and a French one while I’m at it!).  For now I won’t subject you to my bad grammar!


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