The time has finally arrived!

Finally! 13 years after doing my first module I am finally able to get on with my Open University degree! I have been trying for 13 years to be able to carry on with it and the time has now come.
I started in 1997 with my L120 (Intermediate French) with a view to doing my Modern Languages Degree, but due to financial circumstances I was unable to get any further.
I have now registered for Beginners Spanish and Intermediate Spanish. The first on starts in about a month from now. I do already speak some Spanish having spent time in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries but have no formal qualifications in it and as I have never seriously studied the grammar side it will be great to start from the absolute beginning.
So what have I been doing over the last 13 years you may ask?! Well, other than raising my gorgeous daughter who is now 19, many things have happened in that time. I have done an accounts qualification, and interior design qualification, nails and spray tanning (including owning my own salon for a little while), I have been an analytical chemist and done my Chemistry A’level, I have been a lettings negotiator and valuer (lister) and an estate agent! I have learnt some HTML (via my fantastic partner) and we have completed a few websites between us including our own which advertises our website design business which is based here in York, where we live. Our website is and has links to the other sites we have done. I am now getting back to my real passion which is languages.
I am really looking forward to getting my head back into some language books and am eagerly awaiting the course materials arrival. Once they arrive there will be more to go on here as I intend to keep my blog updated with my progress.


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  1. Deirdre says:

    Excellent – Chem A level?

    1. Yup – when I was at CSL šŸ™‚ x

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