Websites, seaside and VW Campers!

FelicityHere it is the website we’ve been working on this week.  It’s been such a great one to do and we and our client are very pleased with the end result. Because of this I wanted to put a few words on here about Felicity the VW Camper.

Ever thought of hiring a VW Camper for your holiday, I had thought about it on many many occasions (not being able to get one myself – YET! – this was the next best thing). Nearly 2 weeks ago Kevin and I went to Scarborough for the day, had a lovely day there, we went out on a cruise around the bay and on a pirate ship, had fish & chips (you can’t go to the seaside and not! – same goes for ice creams of course!).  Fran and her boyfriend joined us for part of the day and came on the pirate ship with us, we were then made to go into a haunted house (which I thought would NOT be scary)….we got chased by the guy from Scream and actually ran out at the end.

The point of writing this was that walking back to the car we saw a beautiful VW Camper Van and spotted on the back that it was available for hire.  I took down the website details so I could get some more information when we got home.

Pretty much as soon as we got home I went online to get some information on the VW Camper Van hire, unfortunately the website was still under construction and there was no information on there except for a mobile telephone number.  I decided to text them and ask for some more information, in the text I thought it would be worth asking if they had someone working on the website.  Almost immediately we got a text back saying they would post out some information and asking if we do websites as they had a friend doing it and it was taking rather a long time.  Of course, I texted straight back saying that is what we do and would they like us to look at theirs the answer was yes and the rest they say is history.  Felicity’s website is now online still working on the search engine optimisation side of things but it’s there and – we think – looking great!

Felicity is a 2006 Brazilian T2 bay camper converted by Danbury, she is water cooled and is the height of camping luxury.  If you are interested in hiring her then please check out the website for more details including how to book. Also, more information below:

There are seat belts front and rear for 5 people and sleeps four – there is a king size bed and a double bed above with mattress if required and for extra space you can hire a 2 or four man awning. The stereo system has MP3/iPod connection so you can take all your favourite music with you on your travels.


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