Oscar’s Bedtime

Oscar is my bearded dragon, he is 8 months old now and doing really well.  He is probably around half his fully grown size and growing quite quickly – although this does seem to have slowed a little over the winter months due to him hibernating on and off for a few days at a time.  He is eating really well though when awake and loves his vegetables.

Oscar loves to come out and really seems to enjoy being handled – although he prefers to run around the room at top speed, he does have a habit of forgetting to stop though when he reaches a wall or a piece of furniture!  His favourite place when out is right next to the fire if it’s lit and even likes to climb the fire guard and ‘sunbathe’ there – a bit like me it can never be too hot!

He gets a little grumpy around the time he sheds and tends to show his beard at these times – sometimes he gives a little his at the same time but he can be picked up and soon calms down if given a piece of lettuce.

I will keep posting photos of Oscar on here to show how much he has grown – I will also upload one or two to show how small he was when I first got him at the end of August 2009, at that time he fit quite snugly onto my thumb now he takes up a fair bit more than my hand!

Bearded Dragon Oscar - going to bed
Oscar the Bearded Dragon

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