Vegetable Patch

Woohoooo moving house in a few weeks – finally. After living in a flat for nearly 6 years it will be so nice to have a garden again (an enormous garden too!).  There is in place already an area set aside for a vegetable patch, so I need to plan what to plant, when to plant it and how many different things I can fit in. Obviously there will be the usual – potatoes, carrots, cabbages but I’m also wanting some things that are a little different. I’ve had my orders regarding what certain things I have to plant for my lobster aka Kevin to make his soups so there are squashes and pumpkins going in and a few other things that I’m unsure as to how or if they’ll grow in this climate – but time will tell and I have to say I like a challenge so will give them all a go!

So, we move in in December so there isn’t much that can be done at that time of year as regards sowing, and pretty much the only thing that can be planted is rhubarb. So to start – rhubarb it is! Other than that the only work to be done is preparation of the beds ready for sowing things like onions, sprouts, lettuce, potatoes and peas – so this is where I’ll make a start. New pair of wellies needed at the time of the big move too – plus a number of gardening tools will be required as I got rid of mine on moving to the flat (there may be some of my tools in my parents garage along with all sorts of other stuff of mine that I just couldn’t fit into a 2 bed flat!). So that’s December sorted – what with moving in, Christmas and parties I reckon that’s plenty.

Doesn’t seem there’s much to be done in January either – I guess making plans of what to plant where and when will be the main thing for the colder months when sowing can’t be done, a strawberry bed could be prepared at this point if planning to grow strawberries of course!  Then comes February and that’s where the excitement begins! All sorts of things can be sown at this point from sprouts, to carrots, to onions – if sown this early they will need protection from any frost.  Enough planning to be getting on with I reckon, keep checking back for progress reports and pictures!


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